Project Ideas

Howdy, everyone! Below are my different project ideas that we discussed last Wednesday.

(1) Community Design Kiosk


  • Inspired by personal and professional experiences
  • Can be deployed in different areas to receive feedback and ideas
  • On the site in question (e.g., brownfield, undeveloped section of beltline, etc.)
  • In a community gathering space (e.g., school, library, church, etc.)
  • Engages citizens where they live, work, and play
  • More accessible than traditional charrette process
  • Digital results can be aggregated, summarized, and upvoted by participants

(2) Interactive Park


  • Inspired by the work of teamLab
  • Similar to Kate’s bio-inspired project
  • Engages community by coming alive only when being used
  • Creates visual and auditory beauty through participation
  • Full experience requires many of the different pieces being engaged
  • Musicians could perform and improvise over the soundscape for onlookers
  • Encourages the enjoyment of nature through physical (not purely virtual) interactions

(3) Mobile Game Installation


  • Can be set up in public for people to play
  • Creates moments of fun to bring friends and strangers together
  • Traditional games, especially, have the power to reduce people back to their younger selves
  • Plays traditional games to bring nostalgia and also experimental games
  • Serves as a platform to expose more people to experimental games
  • Designed to be deployed anywhere, just needs a flat surface upon which to project

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