SCC Meaning and Project Ideas

Looks like I signed up to this blog using another blog account by mistake so I’ll go with it for now. Quick plug opportunity in relation to that, look out for Atlanta Service Jam in February 2017 or sign-up for Atlanta Sustainability Jam held in early November if you really can’t wait that long 🙂 It may be hosted by a brewery so that could be a good enough reason to attend! These kind of events are already very popular and I recently found Carl DiSalvo is looking into Issue-Oriented Hackathons as a way to bring design techniques to public issues. It also reminded me of Heydn’s  Charette idea presented in last week’s class, so any interest in this direction would certainly get my vote.

Smart and Connected Communities

To me this means using technology to capture insights that can inform agile solutions, or better still, predict potential problems that lead to more informed decisions made by active communities on the issues that most effect them. On a smaller scale it’s about cities reacting and learning from the small interactions they have with their inhabitants, and this in turn creates a sense of connection and community with the environment.

Project Ideas

  • I believe we discussed a previous project or some research about reporting of local incidents by cyclists? I saw this article about children in Oslo reporting concerns seen on their walk too/from school that leads to a more sympathetic city. It’s really simple but it could be nice to give a voice to Atlanta residents in general and see what comes up (other than traffic) and where. Do certain neighborhoods have specific concerns or do we all struggle with the same things? There would be some great data visualization opportunities and might help identify future projects. Or we might just learn about lots of holes in roads….
  • Similar to the above but coming from a more constructive angle, we could instead harness ideas from the community and let others get behind them by voting, offering help, time, money, advice, or just general support. This would be another way to identify needs but with some action behind it.
  • Still thinking of other ideas, but in general I’m interested in community action/empowerment, using the power of design to help others overcome and rethink their problems, and big flashing light shows if all else fails.




  1. Look who is the contact for the Sustainability Jam! (one of our current professors in another class)

    I like the direction of your ideas. I can see them all wrapping into some sort of feedback device for citizens and their representatives in government that shares ideas, priorities, and concerns.


  2. Florian is behind both events in Atlanta. This is the first time attempting the Sustainability Jam, but I think Service Jam has been around for about 7 years now.


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