Smart and Connected Communities

In this interdisciplinary class we will research and design cyber-physical artifacts, environments, and experiences for smart and connected communities of the future, with human-centered approach, considering social, behavioral, and economic factors, to improve the quality of life and wellness for people at home, workplace, and community for communication, learning, healthcare, shopping, transportation, entertainment and safety.

Fall 2016 ID  8900 SCC 91975 & CS 8803 SCC 92097 


Tentative Schedule   

Wed 6:00 – 9:00 pm @ Georgia Tech Clough 129

Phase 1 Problem Identification and Project Formulation

Week #1. Aug 24. Introduction, Brainstorming, Internet of Things

Week #2. Aug 31. Challenges and Opportunities, Connected Communities

Week #3. Sep 07. Human Centered and Design Innovation

Week #4. Sep 14, Technology, Creativity and Families

Week #5. Sep 21. Team Process and Case Studies


Phase 2 Project Development

Week #6. Sep 27. Discussion, Research, and Development

Week #7. Oct 04. Continue Refinement of Project

Week #8. Oct 11. Prototype Design, Mid-Term Review

Week #9. Oct 18. Discussion and Reflection


Phase 3 Project Development and Concept Test

Week 10. Oct 25. Survey and Observation

Week 11. Nov 01. Setting up for Deployment

Week 12. Nov 08. Deployment with visitors


Phase 4  Project Refinement

Week 13. Nov 15. Reports, Discussion and Revision

Week 14. Nov 22. Thanksgiving Break

Week 15. Nov 29. Continue Refinement

Week 16. Dec 07. Final presentation. Open House

Week 17. Dec 14. Final Document due


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