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“Rails-with-Trails” Pretty cool project from Memphis. Just another example of old rail infrastructure being adapted for the 21st century. Advertisements

Project Ideas and S&CC Meaning

The following items are from my presented project ideas: Study Spot/Study Group App Use GPS data to create heatmap of a building. The app can suggest buildings near you with available study locations. When studying, you can place a tag down on the map indicating what class you’re studying for. Users can locate you and […]

The LidoLine and Ringways Uh huh. Swimming to work. Brilliant idea. Full disclaimer: I had given up hope on finding this article, so I planned to post the video below as retribution. However, while writing this, inspiration struck, and I found it in fifteen seconds. So, it’s a two-for-one today! Hope you enjoy this video on London’s failed […]

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