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“Rails-with-Trails” Pretty cool project from Memphis. Just another example of old rail infrastructure being adapted for the 21st century. Advertisements

Paley (Pocket) Park

Here is the park in NYC that reminded me of our flood/jeans/ancestors memorial

Futuristic Product

Samsung Foldable Phone

Project Ideas and S&CC Meaning

The following items are from my presented project ideas: Study Spot/Study Group App Use GPS data to create heatmap of a building. The app can suggest buildings near you with available study locations. When studying, you can place a tag down on the map indicating what class you’re studying for. Users can locate you and […]

SCC Meaning and Project Ideas

Looks like I signed up to this blog using another blog account by mistake so I’ll go with it for now. Quick plug opportunity in relation to that, look out for Atlanta Service Jam in February 2017 or sign-up for Atlanta Sustainability Jam held in early November if you really can’t wait that long 🙂 It may be hosted […]

Design Your Neighborhood

The organization I used to work for is called the Nashville Civic Design Center. Through my job there, I learned about the concept of a charrette. Below is the trailer of their documentary I mentioned, Design Your Neighborhood (the full documentary is available online, as well). My goal with the “community design kiosk” is to […]

Mercedes Vision Van

Here is a video demonstrating the smart van concept I mentioned in class. It’s interesting imagining how this will fit into a greater autonomous world

Project Ideas

Howdy, everyone! Below are my different project ideas that we discussed last Wednesday. (1) Community Design Kiosk Inspired by personal and professional experiences Can be deployed in different areas to receive feedback and ideas On the site in question (e.g., brownfield, undeveloped section of beltline, etc.) In a community gathering space (e.g., school, library, church, etc.) […]

Walking City

Smart & Connected Communities

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Design Games 2016

A Georgia Tech Class Blog

Shopkeeper Stories

Photoessays on small business owners around the world

Design Games 2010

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