Pretty cool project from Memphis. Just another example of old rail infrastructure being adapted for the 21st century. Advertisements

Here is the park in NYC that reminded me of our flood/jeans/ancestors memorial

Lights and forest sounds of birds chirping and a rain shower are being added to a huge $4.1 million art installation at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport that aims to simulate a walk through a forest. The installation fills a 450-foot long underground walkway between Concourses A and B at the world’s busiest airport. It includes a […]

Light sculpture at Chicago O’hare International Airport: “The Sky’s The Limit” is a 744-foot-long kinetic neon sculpture of light and sound designed by Michael Hayden. It is located in the underground walkway between Concourses B and C in Terminal 1. A Day Made of Glass (2011) A Day Made of Glass (2012)  

The following items are from my presented project ideas: Study Spot/Study Group App Use GPS data to create heatmap of a building. The app can suggest buildings near you with available study locations. When studying, you can place a tag down on the map indicating what class you’re studying for. Users can locate you and […]

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